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Summer is Fading...

Posted by FUClock - August 18th, 2011

So I figured I'd update since I haven't in oh three years.

Sadly, my Holland, 1945 music video fell through when some assholes stole my laptop. Such is life. I have another music video planned for a Constantines song, as well as plans to someday release F U Clock - Ep. V. However I've been sitting on the opening scenes to those for over a year now, so GOD knows when I'll finish them.

In the more immediate future, I plan to submit a Flash for Hamburger Day, which is September 3rd, so STAY TUNED mofos.

There's some exciting stuff happening at the ClockCrew right now thanks to some very devoted members (Piney <3<3<3) so stay tuned and if you aren't already a member, why the heck not - http://www.clockcrew.cc - it is the bomb.

Comments (5)

well, first off, what WAS the ''holland'' video-clip you made, about?
what was it?
im curious.

also: i think you should do the FU episode: V, because it's fun, and because i have many ideas for future episodes, if you dont/feel down.(or, if you simply, don't feel like doing)

also, i would like to see what you did for ham-day. could be cool.

and i wonder what the CC plans, this time. could you tell?
-reply on my news-post, or
PM me.

anyways, i hope you will be good, and that you will be creative.
stay sharp!

uhh.. btw:where do you host ur music vids/where can i see them?
do you direct them too?! didnt know that.

and: ham-day is tommorow. not on sept. :D
anyway, i hope you're good, cheer's! :P

Shut the fuck up.

hello, i wish you a great day, man!

At least you told the guy who stole your laptop to F U.

"So I figured I'd update since I haven't in oh three years"
Hi, this is 2018, how are you going?