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Posted by FUClock - August 18th, 2011

So I figured I'd update since I haven't in oh three years.

Sadly, my Holland, 1945 music video fell through when some assholes stole my laptop. Such is life. I have another music video planned for a Constantines song, as well as plans to someday release F U Clock - Ep. V. However I've been sitting on the opening scenes to those for over a year now, so GOD knows when I'll finish them.

In the more immediate future, I plan to submit a Flash for Hamburger Day, which is September 3rd, so STAY TUNED mofos.

There's some exciting stuff happening at the ClockCrew right now thanks to some very devoted members (Piney <3<3<3) so stay tuned and if you aren't already a member, why the heck not - http://www.clockcrew.cc - it is the bomb.

Posted by FUClock - June 3rd, 2008

So I've finally figured out what the Hell I'm doing. Besides making a twenty-second clip for CCTV3 (which will be out sometime soon... I think), I am about 1/6th into a music video for Neutral Milk Hotel's "Holland, 1945". It should be a raucous Clocky time. Thanks for y'all's support, I promise I will keep making Flash, damnit. PEACE!

Posted by FUClock - January 4th, 2008

I signed up back in like '02, I don't know about all these newfangled things like "neeews..."

Some people have told me that they thought I was dead, so all I'll say is that no, I'm not, and even if I take big breaks in-between my Flashes, it doesn't mean I've like... retired from Flash or anything. It means I'm a College student and I'm effing busy.

Alrighty... As for Flash news, soon I'm planning on making some more F U Clock episodes, and I've also been batting around the idea of making a non-Clock-based Flash game, drawing inspiration from some of my favorite games, survival horrors. This is all so damned exciting, and by my going rate it should only take about six years.

And that's my news update, thanks to ya'. Peace, love.