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Classic centipede fun

A lot of fun, man. Good job.

iluvAS responds:

thankz for the review =)

A good first effort...

Nice work for a beginner. Try investing in some basic stuff like a loading page and a play button. Also try increasing your framerate, though I understand the movie had a somewhat slow-mo feel to it.

Also, Kelly Clarkson kinda' annoys me. Haha, I didn't take points off, but you know. Anyways, keep it up, your drawings were definitely nice.

Very nice... Very nice...

This brought back memories of old NES games... The whole quest to rescue a loved-one type of thing. Good controls, I particularly like the ducking, 'cause come on. He goes inside of his hair. How badass is that. Nice job.

Very nice game.

Excellent work. I had a lot of fun with it, but the lag after destroying a movie which stops one from seeing the nature of the next film on higher difficulty levels kept me from giving it a ten. My elite guard status makes me beam with pride. ;)

PimpMasterKDOG responds:

I made that explosion screen disappear a level earlier in the update....if I ever get it to upload correctly...


Definitely not bad, but...

The game's main problem is the fact that it follows the path of a traditional RPG. Because there isn't really anything new, or interesting in it, it is quite boring, and very easy. If you added some aesthetic qualities, it might greatly improve this game. Good job though, as it is your first game.

The last reviewer said "Another Clock!"

Another Clock? THAT'S STAWBERRY CLOCK YOU FEWEL! And you cannot kill him. Lighten up man. Check out the clockcrew every once in a while.

Make sure something works first.

The first arrow key doesn't seem to work. I tried it about five times.

OldAccount responds:

Yes, is does work. Here's the problem:

When you press the first arrow key, it DOES stop you dying. It goes onto the next part and the arrow dissapears.

Then, very quickly afterwards, try shooting him. That stops him simply shooting again.

I'll be putting in a noise that indicates you've pressed QTE buttons correctly. Just shoot him straight after you press the arrow and you should progress.

Very good game

Seriously, make more of these levels. Certain things are choppy, like the hills, and I'm not quite sure how I arrived at the ending, but other than that, I really liked it.

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